Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Poor Man's Paradise

The Coney Island Houses, for me anyway, was a magical place. My father called it the "poor man's paradise" and a paradise it was. It was a place where everyone had someone, a place where there were no strangers and a place that seemed to afford us all everything we ever needed. We were basically a self-contained unit. We had our own supermarket, pharmacy and four luncheonettes (remember Willie's, Jimmy's, Hy and Artie's and the HUBBA HUBBA!). Two Kosher deli's, Two excellent bakeries, Gittler's, Larry & Vinnie's and John's Pizza, Sam's Kinishes, a doughnut shop, a Chinese restaurant, Mary's Heros, a bowling alley, a poolroom, the 'Y', banks, schools, Stella's Italian Restaurant just to name a few. Remember Coopey's Corner?

But the most important factor of all of this is that we had each other. Mulitple age groups of children and adults melding together at times, unified in the feeling that we were all one family. We may not have realized it at the time but we were all part of a very special world that to this day and for lifetimes to come, no one will ever be able to experience. We are all very lucky to have lived it and very lucky to have each other to run through the memories with. We need to keep the flame burning.
Andy "Bat" Adams


Coney Island Houses said...

It's so interesting how so many of us have the same recollections. An idyllic time that we can revisit in our mind's eye. Thanks Andy... and thanks for the song too.
Joey DePinto

Anonymous said...

Is that you Andy Adams? This is Larry Sobelman. drop me a line at

Anonymous said...

With regards to the middle building, does anyone know what happened to the Stevenson's - Johhny, Ronnie and Gary? I'd sure like to connect with Ronnie and/or Gary.

Also, is Harvey Cohen who's been mentioned on this site related to Gary Cohen? I remember Gary had a younger brother and sister, but that's all the brain cells that are still working.

Hi Andy Adams....It's been a few years. What about Alan Cherry and Alan Lewis from the 1st (or 5th) building on 32nd St? Anyone know how to get in touch with them?

Thanks...Andy Fuhrman
3030 Surf Ave, Apt 13D

Anonymous said...

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