Thursday, August 28, 2008

Old Memories From The Coney Island Houses

A big thanks to Omar Robau who posted our site on his blog.  If you haven't been to KINETIC CARNIVAL - The Coney Island Blog, please check it out.  Past, present and future Coney Island stuff.  Here's what he wrote:

Here's a rather new website that focuses on the memories of Coney Island from a group of friends who lived at the Coney Island Houses in the 1960's. The Coney Island Houses holds wonderful stories with more to come on an era of Coney Island long gone.


Anonymous said...

In the '60s I lived in a bungalow on West 36th St. between Mermaid and Neptune Aves. It was a block from Seagate. So far I can't seem to locate anyone who knew about them. I went back to visit the old neighborhood a few years back, and everything had been re-routed.
Does anyone have any recollections of that area?
Patricia,also I had a younger brother named Joey.

Unknown said...

What happened to the section of pictures of when we were young?

Coney Island Houses said...

Hey Rich, thanks for the info. I fixed it. Happy New Year!