Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rest in peace old friend... Randy Sobelman 1952-2014

In case anyone has not heard the news on Facebook, Randy passed away in Florida. A personal friend, he is the first from our group to leave us. Always a smile and a laugh, he will be missed. So long old friend. This picture is how I want to remember him. The first picture posted to this blog. 


Anne said...

There really was a real road ave. I did not dream it. 2910 West 29th Street and railroad Ave. Our bungalow I was only 5. I am home sick . I want my Coney Island back .Anne Wilde. I might have known Randy also. Thank you can I join this group.

Coney Island Houses said...

Anne, there is nothing to join. Just a blog. There is a Coney Island Houses group on Facebook. You can join that one. Take care.