Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Big Park - Coney Island Houses - 1960's

This video is an 8mm to VHS to digital transfer so the quality is a little washed out. It's also over 40 years old! If you watch it a few times, people become more recognizable. Please comment and share your thoughts about it. I thought the Little Rascals music was appropriate with all the horseplay. Man... we had fun! Please thank Jodie for sharing this wonderful footage. She shared the raw footage and I compiled the video and added the soundtrack.

TIP: If you click on YouTube in the lower right corner, the video is a little bigger.


Unknown said...

This video is FANTASTIC!
It's too bad you don't have the option to 'tag' people as you do in still photos.

This is going to mean so much to so many people.

Great job with the soundtrack Joey!

As always, for all you do, thank you!

Pat Yost

Unknown said...

I'd like to add a thank you to Jodie to my previous comment, Thanx Jodie!

Pat Yost
(Trish Cardwell)

Unknown said...

I can't stop laughing...this was so reminiscent of our days in the park and the fun we all had. It's like watching a silent movie. Joey, the music is just perfect.
I'll probably watch it a hundred times and laugh at every moment.

Thanks for the memories


Anonymous said...

My grandmother Mollie is in at around 1:00. What a pleasure to see her laughing and goofing around! Never thought I'd get the chance! Thank You guys! I only lived there for a minute in the earily 70's but have vivid happy childhood memories too!
Michele Di Lauro

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Fantastic video you have shared. Love the soundtrack too.

Deirdre G